My 1989 Wandering Jew gift

Recently we had about eight trees that were dead cut down and taken out of our yard. And they took a few limbs off of my favorite Guardian tree that you can see in the background in this picture. I call it my Guardian tree because it stopped all the other dead trees from falling on the house. It protected us. Also it’s very beautiful. When they took the limbs off it also took out some of our privacy that my daughter and I had when we sat on our porch. We won’t stare at anybody and no one was able to stare at us as they rode by. That upset me a lot, so, I bought some palm leaves from Amazon. At least I thought they were palm leaves. I placed them outside just to give us a sense of privacy when we sit out on the porch with our tea at night.

So, my neighbor who is a gift giver came over the other day and saw them and she really loved them. She said “Are they real?” I said “No, they’re not.” She loved them. She really thought that they were real. Well, yesterday she came over while I was recording for you YouTube and she left a beautiful Wandering Jew on my front porch. It’s in the middle of the “palms” and just a tad lighter with beautiful purple flowers on it. It’s gorgeous and it blends right in with the so-called “palm leaves” that I had on my porch. She told me that it belonged to her husband’s mother who died in 1989. If they had this plant from 1989 and today is September 4th 2022, how long has this Jew been wandering? This is truly a blessing from the Lord. It doesn’t have to wander anymore because it is home. It now blends in with a true believer and household of God (I’m not saying that they weren’t.) Now we can grow together.

Sometimes God will use us to bring back good memories to someone by using the simplest thing like a “palm” plant. Go out and influence someone today.

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