My dream house

Okay, so I’m not an artist.

After losing my five-story Italian built home that I had in Canonsburg, Pa. and moving to another town about 10 miles away, I sat down one day and drew what I call “My dream house.” Okay so I’m not an artist right? I drew what I wanted my house to look like as you can see. The funny thing about it is, that was 2002 and today is August 27th 2022 and I have been living in a place now for over a year that favors this picture in various ways. The only thing that is missing is the double door garage and the swimming pool. The good news is I did get a beautiful new barn with one door and I’m happy. My neighbors have horses on their land and there are all types of animals around this place. The deer and turkeys come up to my porch looking for food. They come by with their babies hoping to get fed. There are all all types of birds here, Blue Jays, red birds, cardinals, brown thrashers, blackbirds, red wing blackbirds, baby birds, redheaded woodpeckers, old birds, new birds, red white and blue birds. I’ve even seen a purple one with a deep color of royalty. I haven’t figured that one out yet.

This actually proves the dreams do come true if you trust God and hold on to God’s unchanging hand. He will give you the desires of your heart if you just have patience, persistence and perseverance. Make it through. You can do this.


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