Great pastoring info (allegedly) from Bishop T.D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes consoling his spiritual son, Pastor Steven Furtick, on the struggles of ministry.


1- You will be forced to take the money from your family’s livelihood to invest it in the church.

2- You will risk accepting payments even without knowing where you will get the money from.

3- You will sacrifice time to be with your family to be in church.

4- You will need to be strong to preach to others that they will be fine when everything goes wrong for you.

5- You will need to be strong to preach that God will solve your problems when God has not solved yours yet.

6- You will be betrayed by the people you helped.

7- You will be abandoned by the people who swore to never leave you.

8- You will see that people stop respecting you because they were poisoned by other people.

9- You will see fake people in front of you calling you father and disrespecting you behind your back.

10- Some people will misinterpret your preaching thinking it was indirect.

11- You will see people who disrespect your wife and your family.

12- You will see people questioning the origin of your goods, claiming that you are deviating deeply from the church.

13- Some people when leaving church will make up a story about you.

14- Some people you give opportunities to will confront your vision.

15- Some people you trained will want to confront you in meetings.

16- Some people you taught to preach will later want to compare your preaching to theirs.

17- Some people will think you’re distracted and that you’ve lost focus.

18- Some people will think they are more spiritual and have more knowledge than you.

19- Some people will want to negatively influence other people regarding your personality.

20- Others will be ungrateful and will not recognize the opportunities you gave them.

21- Some will want to divide the church.

22- Some will disrespect you, create confusion and trouble and still put you as the culprit in history and them as the victim.

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