Open the door Richard!


The devil knows what buttons to push so be on the alert and don’t get too lackadaisical. While watching the middle and ending of a Little Richard movie the other day, I saw where Richard got saved and didn’t want to sing Rock n Roll anymore. An old manager approached him after church and told him that he had a good gig for him with and following Sam Cooke. Who could turn that down right? Well, he went, standing backstage watching Sam woo the audience. The manager and another fellow was standing backstage talking. The one man told the manager that if Richard got up there singing his gospel the audience would riot. The manager smiled and told him not to worry because he “knew” RIchard and Richard would not allow anybody to upstage him.
It was Richard’s turn. He came out in his white preachers robe and began to sing a hymn. The audience began to boo and throw things. Richard fainted on the stage. Everyone rose to see if he was OK. He opened his eyes with a smile, grabbed the mic and began to sing “Good Golly Ms. Molly, she sure likes to ball!” He rose, tore the robe off and had a purple glittery suit on underneath. The old Richard was back. The crowd jeered.
Question is, “Was it staged or was he testing the waters?”
Moral: Never let the devil know more about yourself than you do. In fact don’t let him know anything. Also, remember what’s God’s is God’s and surrender unto Caesar that which is Caesars.
Make up your mind. A double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. You can’t serve God holding the Devil’s hand. – Essie


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