Are there snakes in your camp?

Jeffrey Pitts (Original writer)

Take note to the lesson: THIS IS 🔥

When a snake can’t get to you or your ministry because of the anointing that rest on your life, they shoot their VENOM poisoning people against you. The very ones that used to be in fellowship with you before the snake got to them will give you a cold shoulder – based on what they heard from the snake – and not what they heard from you.

A poisonous snake will sit back and watch you from a distance to see if you’re going to fail – until they see you’re STILL standing – no matter what they do, say, throw, cast, it didn’t work!

That’s when they attack your character, integrity, and your ministry. They bring up your past as if you’re still living there! If they can’t kill you, they’ll try to kill your name – causing people to not fellowship with you!

Kill the snake by disconnecting from it. Why? Because the more poison it speaks into your ears, the more powerful it is in your life.

Do what God leads you to do. 💛 No weapon formed against you (me) shall prosper…it won’t work! Cut it off!! 🙌🏽


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