Is mankind blocking the Sun?

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Is mankind blocking the Sun? I believe the answer is yes. For too long now we’ve been waking up in the morning barely seeing the Sun thinking that we are going to have a nice, bright day and all of a sudden after so many minutes have gone by, the Sun is completely gone. You can’t even see clouds, all you see is gray mass. Yes I do believe that man is attempting to block the Sun just like they said they were going to do years ago. I also believe that it is a war tactic. Someone told me yesterday wouldn’t it be something to find out that there is life above the gray mass that we cannot see? God made the Sun, it is one of the brightest lights in the sky, and no one can block it for too long. God will see to that.

I just want to tell my brothers and sisters this morning that you should hold on as long as you can to your joy. Hold on to your Holy Ghost joy and don’t let anything rob you of your joy. You know the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy and this is part of his tactic. We get Vitamin D from the Sun. We get joy from the Sun. You can tell what time of day it is because of the Sun. I heard recently that man was attempting to or thinking about, changing time itself. We could be seeing that happen. How do you know what time of day it is if you can’t see the Sun? God bless you Have a beautiful day Keep your joy about you and thank you for reading this.



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