Good Friday Morning! April 29, ’22

Good Friday Morning! April 29, ’22 The Lord God is saying to you today “You are about to go into a new season in your life, one like never before. This season will be better than the season that you are coming out of. You will receive favor from me and from man and everyone that knows you will be able to see it. Remember Deuteronomy 8:18 never forget me. Always remember the one who gave you the strength and the courage to handle these blessings that you are about to experience. Your household is going to be full of miracles. You will literally sit back and watch me work in your life to the point where all you can do is smile and thank me. I want you to be happy my child I love you. I am not a mean God who hurls lightning bolts at people who make mistakes or sin. Whatever oppression or depression that the enemy has against you rebuke it in Jesus name. That is why I gave you the joy of the Holy Ghost. If you spend time with Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit you will have joy. There are people who turn to alcohol and turn to drugs in attempts to have joy and those were all the wrong things. All that they did was ruin their bodies, minds and spirits. Nothing can take the place of my joy. There is no pill no drink or no potion that can take the place of Holy Spirit joy. I challenge you this day to sew into ministries that are known for joy. Many of you are wasting your seed on religious entities instead of worry-free ministries. You are giving your important resources to religions that just want you as a number and could care less about your soul and your spirit. My son Jesus preached spiritual freedom and not religious incarceration. Some are judging the happy ministers as being silly and they are at the same time, calling the miserable alleged “ministers” as being Christians. The devil has your mind seared and is a liar. This is the time where people are calling wrong right and right wrong. If their words and actions make you smile and bring you encouragement that is straight from my throne. If it condemns you that is not of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts, the devil condemns. Condemnation is not of me. while people are arguing over pre-trib, mid-trib and post-trib I’m telling you, just be ready. Make sure that you have my son Jesus as your Savior and all will be well regardless of what happens in the future. If you live you win and if you die you win. You are in a win-win situation with Jesus. I love you.”



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