Good Thursday morning! April 28th 2022

Good Thursday morning! April 28th 2022

The Lord God says “I am the Lord that healeth thee and I bring good tidings to you. May this day be a blessing to you as you are a blessing to others as well. You need not want for anything because I have everything that you want or need and will send it whenever you need it or whenever you ask. I am that I am and there is none like me. I love you with an unfailing love and will continue to do so for an eternity. Allow my Holy Spirit to quench the hunger in your soul and teach you things that man cannot teach. Continue to talk to me and you will prevail. I hear your requests and your desires. I need not fight for you because you already won the battle through my son Jesus Christ. Just have faith in me at all times. Never lose hope. Hold to my unchanging hand. I am Jehovah Sabbaoth, Lord of battles and Lord of armies. There are angels around you right now that you cannot see but they are working for you. There are battles going on around you that you cannot see but I am helping you by sending my angels to work for you. As long as you continue to quote my word they will continue to work for you. They operate whenever they are told what to do according to My word. You cannot control them yourself, I do. They activate when you speak my word. My word is the key. When the evil one tried to tempt my son Jesus my Son quoted the Word to him. Even the enemy knows the Word and left him for a time after hearing it. If the enemy knows my Word how much more should you know it? As I said in Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not. I see your heartache and I see your pain. I see all the things that you’ve experienced that you did not deserve. That was the enemy trying to break your heart but I will not allow him to continue to do so because you accepted my son as your Savior, Jesus is your lawyer in the court of heaven. The more that you go through in life the stronger your patience becomes. Be thankful for your experiences. They make you strong and bold. As I told the Apostle Paul ‘My Grace is sufficient for you.’ There is nothing that you cannot handle as long as you do it through my son Jesus Christ. I love you my child, stay with me.”

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