A letter to my prayer group homies


I need prayer y’all. God is doing a work on me. You know sometimes when you don’t think that you don’t have pride in you, you really do without knowing it.It is so hard to sit here as a grown woman and watch my neighbor, another run woman cut my grass for me on her riding lawn mower. She has a heart of gold and she said she doesn’t mind doing it at all. I know in my heart of hearts that she’s doing it as unto the Lord. Her whole family loves the Lord. I am gritting my teeth and walking around the house trying to find something to do as not to pay attention to her cutting my acre of grass. She puts her headphones on and rides around in that riding lawn mower like nothing’s happening. Her ponytail bobs up and down while she’s going over the bumps in the yard. God is good. God bless my neighbor Karen for helping me over here. My daughter would have done it but she hasn’t been home for a few days She’s with a friend. I hope my daughter is having a good time I miss her. She deserves being out for a while.We stay up in this house so much that when we go out it’s a big thing. And I also would like to add to this Thank you Carla Gray for getting in touch with me today and asking me to go out into the sunshine with you. I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to but it was awesome that you thought of me like that. Those things don’t happen much to me. I’m thankful. Thanks for reading this and please keep my neighbor Karen in prayer and Carla as well. They are sweethearts. And pray for me that I get used to this type of treatment. It is very very very unusual. There is nothing behind this. There’s no mode of operandi. Karen (and Carla) are literally doing it to bless God and to help me. And allow me to give some kudos to Pastor Rita Coleman DeStein as well. She will call me in a heartbeat like Carla does. You don’t find people like that very often. Pray for Rita too. And Ed Badia you’ve got it☺️ going on too with your big heart. I am blessed and grateful to have people like you all in my life. God bless you all and have a beautiful day. 😊😇

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