I love my new neighbor. (My land in the pic.)

Just had tea with one of my neighbors and we had the most beautiful conversation. Her house is so gorgeous. Her Kitchen Island is made of whole pieces of trees. I love it. She has a 28 year old Shark named Sharky. She’s the one that keeps the horses and runs them at the Meadows Race Track. I am so glad to have a neighbor that I can sit down, eat and drink with and talk about Jesus till the Sun goes down. What a change from a year ago in my life. God is good. She stays to herself and so do I. She never really had many friends and neither did I. We have something in common and it feels great. It’s so nice to trust someone and have things in common with them. She loves farming, horses, and animals. Please say a prayer for Karen? God knows the reason. Thanks for reading this. God bless you too.


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