Good Wednesday morning! January 12, 2022

Prego! Prego! Prego! (See below)Today is an excellent day to praise the Lord God Almighty. Every day should be a day of praise from us to him. In Jesus name I decree and declare that you will get your vitality back, your joy back, and holy boldness starting from right now.

☀️ As I arose this morning preparing to get cleaned up, get my cup of coffee ♨︎ and do this writing, (I prefer Jamaican Blue Mountain or Kenya), I was praying, decreeing and declaring as I always do. As I was speaking I happened to say “and these things shall be because I simply said so. The God in me, the Creator of all things, the King of all kings said so.” And then I laughed a little and said “God is like Prego, He’s in there. The Holy Ghost lives inside of us.” While sitting down at my desk in my study I decided to research the word Prego. There are many definitions actually but the main one that I saw was “pray tell” and “to beseech.” God is so good. One just has to laugh. Isn’t this what we are supposed to do as Christians? We are to pray and beseech. And then I looked up the word ‘beseech’ and it means to ask someone urgently and fervently to do something, to implore, and treat. As in “they beseeched him to stay.”

It all makes sense when you consider where prego comes from: the verb pregare, which means ‘to pray’ or ‘to beseech’. Remember how in English you sometimes hear “pray tell”? It’s effectively “please tell” – just the same as Italian, but we use it a lot less nowadays.

Prego is the first person singular in the present tense (‘I pray’), but you might encounter it in other conjugations in formal Italian – for instance, in the conditional tense or the impersonal third person – when someone’s making a really polite request. 

La pregherei di non fumare.
I would beseech you to please refrain from smoking.

Si prega di bussare prima di entrare.
You are kindly requested to knock before entering.

(“Prego” meaning taken from

God bless your day and Prego! Prego! Prego!

Rev Essie Scott ♨︎


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