I suppose that I am provocative!

Years ago around 1993 or 1994 when I was a minister in the church that you see in the picture above called “First Church of God” in Houston Pennsylvania which became New Birth Ministries after our pastor passed on and I became the Pastor, there was an Elder in our church name Mrs. Francis Williams. She did a lot in the church and for the church. She was definitely a pillar of the church. She came one day with a bottle of Avon perfume, I will never forget it, and it had no lid on it. She apologized for that and proceeded to tell me that she was giving it to me as a gift. The name of the perfume was called “Provocative.” She kindly said that it described me and she said that I was very provocative. Well at that time I didn’t know what it meant but now I do. It took me years to find out exactly what she was trying to convey to me. I’m going to add a picture into this post for all to see and for those who are listening on my podcast at Anchor.FM/revessie, I will describe it as such;

provocative: causing an annoyance, anger, or another strong reaction, especially deliberately. Such as “a provocative article.” And it also says “arousing sexual desire or interest especially deliberately.” Which I really don’t think that’s what she meant. Synonyms for provocative are – challenging, disturbing, exciting, inspirational, insulting, offensive, outrageous, annoying.

After reading all of those synonyms I now know what she meant because actually, I do fit into them. There are times that I can be outrageous. And I don’t mind that, I don’t mind being different. I do things differently than other people do and I’m okay with that. There are many times that I have been annoying to others, not trying to on purpose of course. And then there are times where I can be inspirational and told than I am quite frequently.

Sometimes it takes us years to figure out who we are. Sometimes it takes years to find out what your exact craft is. But as long as you find out what it is you have a leg to stand on.

Thank you for reading this and listening to this and….

be provocative!

Rev Essie


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