Good Sunday Morning! 10/03/21

🎙🎵🎶 Hallelujah give God the glory, hallelujah praise his name, hallelujah give God the glory, cause he is always the same.🎶😇 Welcome to the new day God has given us. Today is the day of new inspirations, new witty inventions, new dreams, the old has passed and God has brought us to the new once again.

There used to be a song that says “dream a little dream”, but God says “Dream big.” Tell God all of your wants, needs, and desires today. If we could see what God really looked like in the spirit sitting high on his throne, we wouldn’t be afraid to ask for anything. Today I decree to declare that everyone reading this on my blog or listening to this on my podcast at will begin to stop putting limits on God and will begin to do what God tells us to do in Jeremiah 33:3

e-Sword Jer 33:3  Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

☀️ Have a beautifully blessed day!


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