Good Monday Morning! 08/30/21

The best part of waking up is knowing that your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. We bless you Lord.

In the commercial it says the best part of waking up is having a certain type of coffee in your cup. The best part of a Christian waking up is knowing that we are written in the lambs book of life and he that he takes care of us. Nothing by any means shall hurt us. We are covered by the blood of Jesus and we are the apple of his eye. It’s best to thank him each and every day of your life. As you pray for others today and as you pray for your needs and wants don’t forget to bless the Creator, our Father, His Son and His Holy Spirit. Baruch Atah HaShem Adonai!

And don’t forget to pray for your enemies. Jesus taught us to pray for our enemies. Maybe your discernment was not as good as it should’ve been and you allowed people to be in your life that really should not be there. We have to learn how to handle them and not give them full membership into our lives for a time of testing at least. There are some people that you have to slow cook. You have to let them go through the press and learn of you slowly, not hurriedly. Just like in a slow cooker the longer the meat is in it the more it falls off the bone and is ready and prepared to be consumed. Don’t lay hands on anybody suddenly so to speak, slow cook them. Get to know them, let them get to know you. Even Jesus started out with his special 12, amen? Be like Jesus, be smart. Be around people who bless your day as you are blessing theirs in the wee hours of the morning.

e-Sword 1Ti 5:22  Lay hands suddenly on no man, neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure.

To support the ministry for $0.99 to $(any amount) Just set it and forget it! Go to Deu 1:11  (The LORD God of your fathers make you a thousand times so many more as ye are, and bless you, as he hath promised you!)

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