A warning to today’s preachers.

There have been many preachers in the body of Christ who are not true believers and God is calling you out right now as He now has his reapers separating the wheat from the tare. God says that there are many of you who had your chance to tell the world about Jesus but at that proper moment you bowed out. You bailed on my Son because you are receiving finances from those who don’t believe that He is my son. You allowed concern for your pockets to cause a perfect situation to fail. You fell to pleasing man instead of telling the truth to save man’s soul. You caved in like Elijah when he feared Jezebel and ran to the cave. You cannot serve me under a ministry of fear. I tell my children to be bold and to be strong for I am with them. You don’t trust me. Stop using me. I Am God and no one can use me. I created you. Repent.

You are telling major outlets that anyone can get into Heaven while using the old adage that you are not the judge, meanwhile, you are guarding your bank accounts by pleasing those who give to your so-called ‘ministry.’ They are not of the flock and you knew this. Everyone will soon find out just how true your “ministry” was to the Jesus that you allegedly represented. I will tear your play house down in front of the entire world. You rejected my Son in public at critical times therefore I will reject you in return. As of now, your feet are not on solid soil. The ground is slipping from beneath you as you read this. Repent.

You have also accepted all that I consider “unholy.” You’ve made right-wrong and wrong-right. These things should not be so. My children are not safe. You exploit children as though they were expendable. If the head is sick so shall the tail be. Your government(s) that you’ve put into office are not healthy mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually and you put them in. They don’t even get along with one another, how can they expect anyone to abide by their laws if they aren’t even sure of what they are doing? My Word says, “let us reason together” and if they cannot do that, how can they run the system, the country, the world? For this reason, the governments are on Jesus’ shoulders as He is the only One who is capable of handling the task. Incompetent leaders must sit down. Repent.

Again, I say repent.

And so it is,


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