God bless Nancy Atcheson of California, Pa.

There was a lady that I met around 8-9 years ago when I used to live and Minister at a High Rise, near California University and her name is Nancy Atcheson. Nancy was a nurses aide and she literally went all around California Pennsylvania helping the elderly or whoever needed help.

I have a program on my phone that rejects bogus calls. This certain phone number kept coming up just now and I recognized the area code and the three digits afterwards. I went into my phone and allowed the phone call to come through and thank God I did because it was none other than Nancy Atcheson. She said the Lord laid me on her heart. I’ve noticed lately that there have been a lot of people calling me or writing me online saying that God laid me on their heart or some have even said that God showed them my face in their times of trouble. For that I am so thankful. I don’t know what God is doing but I appreciate it and I humble myself before him in Jesus name. I always ask God to keep me humble and to cause me to always do his will. Serving him is very serious but he can also be very enjoyable if you put your self in his hands and trust him.

I am so glad that Nancy is still living in helping people and blessing the kingdom of God. I prayed for her on the phone and we had a wonderful conversation about the Lord and it was awesome. Please keep Nancy in your prayers? 

God bless you,


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