God blocked my financial hindrances (my testimony)

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I have a tithe story to share with you, my testimony. For the last 20 years since I closed my daycare I have been trying as a single mother to keep money in the house legally and take care of my children. Every time I would try to start up some type of business from my home, I would always get a phone call from a certain woman asking me questions about it. I suppose she saw my ads in the newspaper. I tried to start a new daycare and she called and pretended as though she wanted to attend my daycare with her children. And then when I told her to come for an interview she began to get slowly indignant with me and tell me that I was running my business illegally having too many children including mine. She would instantly get very nasty. I know it was just the devil trying to instill fear in me. he doesn’t want God’s people to be abundant in any way.

And there’s other businesses that I tried to run. That same woman would call me out of the blue. I recognized the voice after all those years. And she would try to stop me from making money. Doesn’t that sound just like the devil? And I’ve noticed in the last few years that every time that I order Avon for me and my daughter on my Avon credit account which would take me to zero until I paid it back, that same lady would contact me and ask me if I still sold Avon. Her timing is impeccable. It’s always when I go to zero on my account that she asks if I still sell Avon as though she was expecting me not to pay it and lose my Avon account which I will not because I love it and have been selling it since about 1985 or so. When you go to zero you cannot order Avon for anyone else until you pay that amount off. Rightfully so. And for some strange reason that woman always knows when I go to zero. Then there are certain people, when I go to zero, out-of-the-blue they come online and ask “do you still sell Avon?” They never buy it from me, they never put any money into my household but they watch me carefully, diligently.

I’m telling you, this is confirmation of the sermon that I preached earlier today called “Come out of the system.” The devil owns this Earthly system. He knows who is going to get paid and who isn’t. But since I’ve been tithing and giving money to the Lord for Kingdom purposes, no one has bothered me because those Spirits using those people found out that their arms are too short to 📦 with God.Take a listen. I hope you enjoyed this testimony and the sermon: Listen to “Get out of the System!” by Esther R Scott ⚓

Listen to “Get out of the System!” by Esther R Scott ⚓ https://anchor.fm/revessie/episodes/Get-out-of-The-System-eshlt2

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