Obama dream

Last night I had a dream that I was very close to former President Barack Obama. I remember him in my dream as though it was in real time. He fell on the ground (more like a slight stumble) and I reached for him to help him up and when I did, I called him “honey” real quick (which is not my character to do so, and went on about what I had been doing. He wasn’t elated about me calling him “honey” where people would be able to hear it. It was as though this was supposed to be a secret relationship of some kind. I was really upset about the fact that he had fallen but I continued to attend to the others who were going where we were. I don’t remember if it was a bus or church gathering, I think it was more like a concert or conference of some sort. There were little kids there as well and a little girl really liked me a lot. I took up for her whether she was right or wrong. She was about 6 years old.

Dreams can be fickle. And they can also be warnings to the dreamer. Sometimes they have messages and sometimes they are simply dreams. When I dream I like to ask our prayer group and other readers to pray for various content in the dream because usually, when I don’t, something happens and I wished that I had. I believe that we can prevent bad things from happening when we pray. In this case, pray for the leaders of this country, former President Barack Obama, his family and ALL leaders. We are definitely going through the press now folks. satan is trying to get us to hate, as they say “Erybody!” And pray for children everywhere. They are getting misled, used, caught up in sexual sins of those who are supposed to be their overseers. I believe that we have long surpassed Sodom and Gomorrah. Just think, Sodom and Gomorrah didn’t have cellphones, cameras, computers and satelllites…we do. Our sins have truly surpassed the worst sinning cities every recorded. *Selah


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