My dream of a “Smith Wigglesworth” angel.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a mall. I needed to call a cab to get home. There were many nice stores there. I went into a pizza shop and then a restaurant to use their phone to get their address for the taxi. They had no addresses. Two tall older … Continue reading My dream of a “Smith Wigglesworth” angel.


Come unto me – dream

Last night I had a dream that I was in a large church with people of all ages and races. The leaders of the church were preparing for some sort of 'event' there and had asked me to be one of their speakers. I looked at the program that the Pastor had handed me. I … Continue reading Come unto me – dream

Planes? Rockets? My dreams lately.

Lately, I have been dreaming about planes landing near me on my land or rockets whatever they are. They look like airplanes in the sky at first until it gets closer to me and then it begins to look like a rocket. Last night I dreamed that one came down slowly and 'backed' into my … Continue reading Planes? Rockets? My dreams lately.

Dream of a controlled rocket

Today is August 22, 2022 and last night I dreamed of a controlled rocket landing in the land next to where I live. My neighbors own 3 acres of land that surrounds 3 sides of my home. They run horses at the track. They are great neighbors. I stood in my kitchen door and saw … Continue reading Dream of a controlled rocket

Obama dream

Last night I had a dream that I was very close to former President Barack Obama. I remember him in my dream as though it was in real time. He fell on the ground (more like a slight stumble) and I reached for him to help him up and when I did, I called him … Continue reading Obama dream

Jerking the devil’s chain dream.

Last night, 1/29-30/21, I dreamed of fighting off mean people with one who was the ring-leader. They kept mocking and teasing me and my family, thinking that they could get away with badgering us but I kept finding ways to weaken them. It's as though I was equipped with invisible weapons of battle. Each time … Continue reading Jerking the devil’s chain dream.

Dream 1/29/21

I dreamed that I was given a huge, old house that was already fully furnished. It was dark a bit as though the electric had been cut off but it had to be daytime outside because we could still see. The inside was full of bedrooms that seemed never ending. As I was attempting to … Continue reading Dream 1/29/21

Dream 10/11/20

I had a dream last night that included a few topics but this one stayed with me and I cannot forget it. I dreamed that my daughter, someone else (usually an angel) was standing on a freshly cleared out cliff. I believe that Angels visit me in my dreams and take me places because I … Continue reading Dream 10/11/20

The wreck dream.

Last night I had a clear dream of a military type of vehicle, like a jeep or Hummer that backed into the left side of a black limousine that I was in with others as well and it pushed us to the right but no one got hurt. I remember seeing the limo being pushed … Continue reading The wreck dream.

4/18-19/2020 Dream

April 18, 2020 I saw $100 bills in an apartment and there were a lot of them. It was a two room apartment with a balcony and a car service business under the balcony with music playing. An auto service man was walking around the old cars in the lot. A very friendly guy. I … Continue reading 4/18-19/2020 Dream

Dress for success

During this Coronavirus lockdown that we are all in, there is something that I would like to suggest to those who can no longer go to work or whatever you do daily. Don't lock down totally. Get up in the morning, freshen up, dress up, brush the halitosis from your teeth, and cast the pajamas … Continue reading Dress for success

Oil Dream

My vials. Last night I went to bed to read a book, "A life ablaze" by Rick Renner, (which is an excellent book by the way.) I like to go to bed early most of the time to give myself about 1-2 hours to read and relax my mind before I go to sleep. It … Continue reading Oil Dream