When you can’t sleep, pray and read the Word.

Ok, so last night was the beginnings of the typical monthly addict payday. People hate to say it so I will. Every 1st and 3rd of the month, (Social Security) crack addicts, heroin, meth, and alcohol addicts stay awake until 1 a.m. so that they can get their money out of the ATM machines at various banks. I am surrounded by them. I moved here 3 years ago in the month of June which means I am working on 4 years now. One thing I have to ask is that you keep them in prayer. They are now in all of our families in some kind of way. The devil is busy trying to steal souls from God. Let’s not lose compassion in this madness.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some very nice people in this area who are older and have worked at the Steel Mills, etc in the Pittsburgh area but the new generations have taken over. They sleep during most of the day and get their lives started at 12-1 a.m. While you are trying to sleep, they are waking up, shooting up needles, bleeding all over the place and having the proverbial “dope sex.” When walls are thin, you hear it all. There have been times where I had to either cry, pray or read myself to sleep. When people are being driven by demons they could care less about those who live near them It’s their world and they will run you over if you get in the way.

If you are or have ever experienced this, my advice to you is to take out that time to focus on the Lord and pray or read the Word. Last night, I prayed, studied to remember all of the disciples without leaving out 1 of the 12, and spoke silently in tongues and guess what? I slept like a baby. I rose up at 4 a.m. but it was actually a great and fulfilling experience. I got so tired of forgetting the names of the disciples that I challenged myself at 4 in the morning to study their names. How can you be in ministry for over 20 years and not know all of their names? Embarrassing. Religion will stop one from remembering names. You focus on the stories and parables and not so much the people. Bare with me as I practice again right now ok? Here goes: Simon (Peter), Simon the Canaanite, Big James, Little James, Matthew, John, Thaddeus, Andrew, Bartholomew, Philip, Judas, Thomas. And after Judas’ betrayal, they chose Matthias.

I have to admit, I had to go back to the bible to get Judas, Thomas and John which was odd. How can you forget “doubting Thomas,” “betraying Judas” and “the writer of all writers – John?” I am going to put the letters together of the second set of disciples to make a sentence or word to help me remember. It’s easy to remember 2 Simon’s, 2 James’s, Matthew and John, but the last half gets a little shaky for me. Let’s see:

Simon, Simon, James, James, Matthew, John, ….. T-A-B-P-J-T. Tabpjt? (TT a Peanut Butter Jelly?) I’ll think of something. If you have a better way, don’t hesitate to share it. And thank you.

Oh well, regardless of the tapping on the doors and walls and loud voices in the middle of the night, I slept well and will continue to mind my own business and stay in prayer. Sometimes I kinda understand how Lot felt. You gotta read that story in Genesis. By the Grace of God, I WILL get through this. Please keep me in your prayers? I will continue to do so for you.

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