My Holocaust convo with Edith Rosenstern

I know, my Doctors’ ceiling designs. I just love to photograph them. Cute!

I just had the nicest conversation with a lady named Edith, about the Lord and our Nation as we sat waiting for our taxi’s. It turns out that her father and his family were survivors of the Holocaust. The stories that she told were really heartbreaking. He was Jewish and his wife was Catholic and they married. Her family always loved the Lord. She told me of how her mother became upset when the Priest took her son’s (Edith’s brother’s) brand new bible from him and she had to go to the church to get it back. Her mom said, “If you want it, you are going to pay for it!” Needless to say, he gave her the bible back. Her brother was to become a doctor but in the middle of studying, God called him. Edith was a pretty 65-year old lady with her Cinnamon hair matching her blouse and glasses. We blessed the Lord in that conversation in so many ways. It is so nice to meet God’s people or someone who needs to know about Jesus when you are away from home and the computer. This experience is proof that you can go from one calling to God’s calling of the Kingdom. John, the little boy who went from his first bible that his mom had to defend and get back, to worldwide ministry. John Rosenstern: and and her other brother in Lousiana:

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