Ok, I think NASA is watching me. :|

Ok, I know this may seem a bit nerdy and strange but about a year ago, I entered a contest with NASA to name their new space robot. I drew the picture of mine that actually resembled the Coronavirus now that I think about it and I sent it in. It was round and had suction cups on it so that it would stick to the surface of the moon or whatever they were going to use it for. I just felt like entering the contest for fun. Well, I didn’t win but God bless the one who did. I can’t remember the winner’s name. I have my entry somewhere in the house or my emails, etc and when I find it I will add the pic to this post. It is a simple and child-like kind of picture because I am not the greatest artist by far so don’t laugh when I finally post it.

Today, I was going through my ministry page revessie.org just to check things out and see how it’s been going and I happened to see that someone has been really frequenting my page. I didn’t realize that the numbers went up that high. I don’t really draw much attention, well, not positive attention anyway and it shocked me. I went to the stats and saw that they were from the Moffett Federal Airfield. So, what did I do? I checked it out and found………NASA is watching my page!? It’s in the same area. Could it be? Actually I’m honored if this is true. Cool. What do you think?

I edited the pics as not to reveal too much info especially links, etc on my browser but here goes….enjoy!

This was the contest that I was in: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/participate/name-the-rover/ THE WINNER: https://mars.nasa.gov/mars2020/participate/name-the-rover/#Essay

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