America’s November Election may fool you.

I believe that this election is going to come out like a bad bang. I won’t say that it is God who is telling me this but I feel that Christians have to be prepared for this election. I don’t believe that it will come out the way that they have expected. Before Jesus comes back, we are to go through mocking and ridicule. It’s not going to be easy for us. I believe that the enemy is going to take over the White House and all who did not believe in it, him, the spirit of error-(not any person,) will be persecuted and have to run to the hills so to speak. I believe that there will be much finger pointing and persecution. Yes we marched on Washington and yes, we had many churches and speakers there but I truly believe that it was the work of God to see if we would declare His Word publicly instead of in our proverbial four-wall churches. I believe that this past weekend was a very important Yom Kippur season. A season of National Repentance. I realize that this goes against what many prophets have prophesied and I mean no harm and I am not trying to go against the grain but something just isn’t right in the water. They are talking about President Donald Trumps taxes now. (But it was okay for another to foul the Oval Office with his assistant and a cigar.) Taxes are serious here in Little Rome, I mean, America. Especially to the selfish Americans who always bring up the topic about how “their” taxes pay for everything, from pavement, to food, especially the food the Food Stamp participants eat. For years, I have heard some very nasty comments and have seen nasty meme’s online, about how much food that food stamp participants buy. They buy big because most of them only get paid once a month to eat. (666 no one will be able to eat without the mark in their hands or foreheads.) One man came out of a store and asked a lady, “Did you see that truck!” She smiled thinking that he was trying to hold a friendly conversation and she said, “No! What truck?” The man ignorantly said, “The truck that’s going to help you take those groceries home.” The sin of ignorance had befallen the man.
All that I can say is pray for our Nation and prepare for whatever may happen next in our Nation where taxes mean more than babies and children.

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