We’ve rejected Deuteronomy 8:18

They’ve been in for years. Hatred disguised as Help. I’ve been saying it. One thing I know, ALL of them aren’t bad. I know some outstanding Policemen and I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes right now. Not only should the ‘people’ judge and tell, we need our lawmakers and law-keepers to judge and tell as well. The bible says, “two or three witnesses.” It’s hard to trust whether or not the person that you are telling are trustworthy. Get someone who feels the same way that you do to go with you. I remember the movie, #DarkBlue starring Kurt Russell. He waited too late to stop the corruption. A young cop lost his life in the shuffle. Try to see that movie if you can. It is very good.
Keep our Nation in prayer please. The devil is creating havoc and mistrust among people and I have to add that if we kept our bibles, prayer and God in schools instead of listening to a devilish non-believing witch, we wouldn’t have so many problems. Witchcraft is trying to do something on your own power, thinking that there is nothing that God can do to make it better. Yes, America rejected the Word. We’ve rejected. Deut 8:18

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