If this isn’t proof that the US is preparing for gold….

One of my Facebook friends posted this today and asked if it was worth anything. With my knowledge of gold that I have received by being in Karatbars for the past 5 1/2 years, I answered him like this:

“It is most likely plated and you can’t tell whether it is 999.9% k or filigree, etc. If it is not 999.9% 24 k it may not even be worth the nickle that it’s plated upon right now. If it adds up to let’s say, 1/10th of a gram, it’s $7.00 The presidential dollar is only $2-$3.”

No one can tell me that the United States isn’t preparing for Gold. Get your free gold account now at www.goldladyllc.com and start saving #gold before you will have the NEED to.

I also believe that this is why they are working so hard on getting #DonaldTrump out of office because it is said that he uses gold in some of his transactions.

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