VIP, not da kid.

The World is strange. It thinks that it is the stuff when it is really being ran by the Prince of the Power of the Air who cares less about it. In fact he doesn’t care at all. he ruins the Earth to get his way. All he wants is to steal souls from God and make man miserable. he attempts to copycat all that God has done but he’s not good enough to pull it off.he sets up failing ranks and regiments and they think that they are the best thing since baked bread.

The Earth may have a lot of VIP’s but if you have a lot of VIP’s and none of them are doing anything, do you really have anything? We have a World full of VIP’s and none of them are doing anything worthwhile. They just wear the title but are full of hot air. There is no VIP like Jesus. Thank you Lord for being our OverShepherd, our Savior, our God. Amen.


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