My Roadie 14 Feb 2012

Yesterday, I got the opportunity to witness to someone that I’ve loved very much since he rodied for my band in my heydays from the late 70’s. I was lead singer of 4 bands and he helped with 2 of them. We always had a special relationship somehow. It was one of those relationships where we loved each other deeply but never really did anything about it. Every now and then, we’d meet in the middle somewhere, talk a while, separate and live our own lives again.

It began to be, if this makes any sense, a “David and Jonathan” relationship. I loved him like I love my own soul. Still do. For some strange reason, in our lives, we always seem to find each other and talk things out about our lives then, we part and are led on our personal journeys once again.

He’s always had his ups and downs, but then again, so did I. These past 8-9 years have been very bad for him. He’s been calling me since last week and I somehow didn’t handle the calls the way that I should. I was torn between talking to him the way that I used to and planting seeds for the Kingdom. I asked God to forgive me and give me just one more chance to do right. When you get a chance to do right…..just do it, don’t hold back. I kept getting this feeling that if I didn’t his blood would be on my hands somehow. Something just didn’t seem right to me. Finally, last night, when I saw his number on my phone, I prayed and asked God to help me. He did. I began to say things to my old friend that shocked even me. The words and the visualizations that I gave him were awesome. I knew it was God. My friend knows the Word as well, he just grew up in a different religion than I did. Our conversations always did come back to God in one way or another.

Every now and then, as I was talking I noticed that while I was talking, the other end of the phone got dead quiet. I knew that he was listening and soaking in what I was telling him, i.e. bitterness takes root, unforgiveness is like cancer, it spreads, etc. I noticed that he oddly changed the conversation and it somehow ‘lightened’ up. He sounded better after we talked.

I just want to thank God for giving me another chance to get myself together for such a wonderful opportunity to not only show how my character has changed throughout the years but to also show how my friends character CAN change as well.

Thank you Lord.


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