Coronavirus. Sent from the fire-y pits of Hell.





Note the pic was made in 2019 by a site called “

What I want to magnify to the naked eye right here are two things.

1. Why does the pic say “2019” and

2. Why does it say that the 2019 virus affects the intestines and causes diarrhea?

Could THAT be why people were (and still are, days later,) hoarding toilet tissue? Hmmmm, makes one wonder. I honestly just found this as I was researching for a picture for this blog. This reminds me of how we found that Lysol helps human coronavirus and it’s been printed on the back of their cans for literally, years folks.

Lysol can with 428 shares, names removed..png

As you can see, I got 428 shares and 24 comments on this post alone on my Facebook page, “Esther R. Scott.” People were stunned. I enjoy giving out information that helps people. When there are those times that the info turns out to not be so true  I immediately remove it as not to mislead people.

I pray that you all are distancing yourselves as it may take weeks and some even say months for this virus to go through. Take care of the elderly around you and make sure that they have all that they need for such a time as this. And for those who don’t have transportation and you do, be there for them even if you have to put their packages on their porches for them to pick up after you’ve left. They can pay you later right? Or get the money sent to you over Facebook or Western Union, etc. if you need it that bad. Actors like Edris Elba and Tom and Rita Hanks has it so it is not a ‘made up’ thing. When companies begin to give away free cable, etc., you know that SOMETHING is in our midst that the government doesn’t understand. They are telling people NOT to go to work and keep your children at home from school for approximately 2 weeks or more. They even closed the liquor stores and people are hoarding toilet paper. People are out there fighting over toilet paper! Hard to believe. My cousin went out with his girlfriend yesterday to three stores in his area and none of them had meat. Meat? I thought that the rush was only on toilet paper. Someone on Facebook had a meme that said, “Wait until the bird flu comes around, folks will be rushing for Nasal Spray.” I don’t blame the media exactly, I blame the ones who own the media if you know what I mean. I blame those rich, old, callused men who sit at a round table somewhere on an island attempting to run the World WITHOUT God. You know, the ones who tell the news what to say and how to say it. Read “Creature from Jekyll Island,” you’ll be stunned what happened to your money while you were asleep.


Check out You Tube and you will find many videos that people did of various news reporters stating the very same things while they are on television. No differentialization, (my own word, I seem to do that a lot, thank you,) nothing. The exact same wording, channel by channel. Who regulates their wording?

Here’s another thought that my son brought up the other day: North Korea shot up a “test” missile a while ago and all of a sudden people around the world are sick. Do they have the coronavirus there? I haven’t heard any reports yet, have you? And let’s pray that this isn’t the beginning of the microchip, 666 incident that God tells us about in,

Rev 13:18  Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

The number is also mentioned here:

Ezr 2:13  The children of Adonikam, six hundred sixty and six.


ad-o-ni’-kam (‘adhoniqam, “my lord has risen up“):

The name of a family of the returning exiles (Ezra 2:13; Nehemiah 7:18). “The sons of Adonikam,” men and women and children, numbered 666 according to the list as given in Ezr, but 667 according to the copy in Neh. Either included among these or in addition to them was the contingent that came with Ezr, “Ehphalet, Jeuel, and Shemaiah, and with them 60 males” (Ezra 8:13).

☞ Church we need to be praying like we’ve never prayed before. We are credited for destroying Hurricanes and Tornadoes, we can get over this too and save the people. We have to tell those who don’t know about Jesus yet, of His loving kindness and how He shed His blood on the Cross for everyone. Yes, you can talk about the #coronavirus all you want but make sure that you talk about #Jesus more.

Keep your hands clean, spray your door handles and furniture and don’t forget to smile through this all, knowing that God has your back. Amen?

God bless,

Rev Esther R. Scott aka “Rev Essie”



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