Watch your phone early in the A.M.

This morning my phone rang before I even had a chance to sip my coffee. I got up, thanked the Lord for a new day, washed up, came downstairs, blessed the Lord, blessed the Sun for doing his duty for the Lord and being consistent, said “Baruch Atah Hashem Adonai!” as I always say. I turned on my computer, made my coffee and sat down at the computer and began to type my “Good Morning” for my online Page “New Birth Ministries” on Facebook. Just after I found a nice picture for my post, my phone rang. Something told me not to answer it because it was from a person who is very argumentative but what did I do? I answered it. 

It was from a person who learned a lot from me and my bible studies throughout the years but has now gotten this attitude that they have arrived and no longer believe in anything that I say. They actually treat me like I am the devil trying to sway them the wrong way. Have you ever had anyone rebuke everything that you say? This is what they do. I don’t understand, if everything that I do is wrong…..why do they call me? I once had a woman rebuke every sentence that I said to her and I soon had to stop my friendship with her because I got tired of her treating me like I was the devil. Jesus rebuked Peter one time when the devil used him, not all day long! Right? 

You know, the Lord wants us to be kind to others and plant seeds around the World for His Kingdom but He doesn’t want us to be blind and act like punks. (Excuse my wording please.) King David wasn’t a punk, Saul wasn’t a punk, Peter and the disciples weren’t punks. Why should we be? That whispering stuff doesn’t make you a Christian. Cutting off ears doesn’t either so chill with the destructive properties of sword for a sword. 

Be careful when your phone rings too early in the morning and you haven’t had a chance to wake up yet. Have a little talk with Jesus first. IT is what does a body (spirit, mind and soul,) good! 

Love ya, 

Rev Essie

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