To the lady with the unforgiving and bitter family.

Forgive me for saying this but this just may be one of those occasions where you are being taught by the Lord to have patience. Patience lessons are extremely aggravating to us as humans but it is necessary, especially in times like this where people need love and need to give love back. 

Some people are horrible at giving love back especially if there is any unforgiveness, jealousy or hurt involved somehow. It seems that you have voiced your concerns more than needed and they are not responding in a kind way. Someone, somewhere is holding a grudge and there is nothing that you can do but pray that God handles it for you. He knows what we need. You can talk until your face turns blue, they will not respond kindly. They will not change their stance on ‘something.’ 

Ask if you’ve done anything to them, honestly and apologize if needed and your part is through. I truly believe that things like this can make us sick. Bitterness and unforgiveness are like cancer. They eat away at the physical aspect of our lives. Many are sick because of it. My word to you right now is to gently let go, back off, take the hit, strengthen your children with the same advice and make sure to let them know that it is nothing that they did to cause this, and successfully move on. 

You may even find that your health will get better. Don’t look for cards in the mail, email, flowers, nothing. Unless someone repents in their hearts of any favoritism, bitterness, or unforgiveness, and allows God to step in, nothing will change. You will be ‘shadow-boxing’ all of your life. Be you, raise those cute kids and be happy. Did you ever hear the term, “Watch a pot and it never boils?” Stop watching the pot. God bless.

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