Why do we praise?

I.  What is praise?
     A. Praise is an expression of honor, glory, and adoration given to God in thanksgiving for what He has done. It is an outward manifestation of an inward, heart-felt gratitude of the love and power of God.
          1. “doxa” glory, dignity, honor, praise, worship, to applaud, speak well of.
          2. We are giving our approval of God, especially in song.
          3. If we read in Ps 67:3, 139:14, 9:11, 147:12, 148:1, 150:1 & 50:23, we will see that is is      not drudgery!
          4. Rev 4:8 says that even the angels cry out in praise, “Holy Holy Holy!”
          5. Don’t let the devil condemn you, as long as you have breath you can praise the Lord.
     B. Press in! The dead cannot praise God (Spiritual dead.) Only true praise comes from the spirit that’s alive.
           1. Praise God for a four-fold reason: 1 Peter 2:9
               a. chosen generation
               b. royal priesthood
               c. holy nation
               d. peculiar people (you don’t / shouldn’t fit in with the World.)
     C. Enter into God’s presence
1. Ps 100:4
2. Matt 6:9 we are told to begin praying and give honor to God “hallowed.”
3. Every prayer recorded in the Word begins with praise to God.
4. Without praise and worship we cannot correctly come before God in the humble attitude needed.
     D. We are created to praise Rev 4:11
1. A true believer has a desire to praise God, for the spirit within many was made for God’s pleasure.
2. Not entering in means that YOU ARE IN BONDAGE! The people clapping and singing, dancing or running
around the church are not of the devil, you are! You are being placed in bondage and you do not have 
a free heart to worship God.
II. Most of all about praise.
     A. God inhabits your praise. That’s on of the best reasons to do so. God lives in the praise of His people. 
Don’t you want Him to live in you?
1. Ps 27:6, Ps 149:6
2. This means that He sits down, dwells, remains, settles, marries you.
3. Praise makes a throne for God to sit on, to dwell upon. Make His Throne large and strong and beautiful. Build upon it.
As we praise Him in the public meeting, the King comes in among us and sits upon the Throne of Praise. 
Lastly: Praise is the Key to having a relationship, a communion (Koinonia – Greek) with God. Acts 13:1-4

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