Spousal confirmation

Confirmation is a serious matter. When Jesus died on the cross and came back alive, that was our confirmation that he truly is the Lord. I believe that a lot of the problems that we are having with our younger generations come from having no real confirmation which leads to nonconformity in our households as well. I believe that God made man and woman as Spousal confirmation to one another. A three-strand cord is not easily broken, man woman and God.
Today we have so many young people who never got a chance to hear stories of old, stories of things that happened in former times from both sides, those parents. There are so many single parents male and female alike who don’t have help raising their children therefore the children grow up not taking the words of their parents seriously because they don’t have the duel confirmation that sets the stories in – in their lives.

As a single parent I love when I am on the phone with an elderly person or someone my age and they begin to bring up stories of old and my children hear on the other side of the phone while I’m talking to them. I was just on the phone today talking to a friend and he was talking about how we used to be able to get certain foods free until the stores caught on and begin to charge for those foods. It was just a typical everyday conversation. Meanwhile my daughter was listening and laughing as I talked on the phone and she enjoyed that conversation. She got a chance to hear, (not that her mother would), but that her mother wasn’t lying all those years. The confirmation just sort of locked the truth in so to speak. It made me feel good. The Bible tells us not to get rid of the old landmarks and I believe this is one example.
I believe that the enemy has attacked marriages (male-female relationships) throughout all of these years to separate our households until our children are questioning every move that we make and every word that comes out of our mouths.
Please continue to pray for restoration of families and relationships that are in the supernatural order of God.
Rev. Essie.

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