Sometimes you just have to sit back and watch.

Hello 2018. There seems to be so much going on lately including the weather. Hollywood is being watched and labeled as the next Sodom and Gomorrah, football players are paid a handsome amount to run up and down the field but yet they seem to also get into trouble and on the news. Black’s are killing whites and whites are killing blacks. Those that should be innocent are found guilty and those that are guilty are found innocent. Right is wrong and wrong is right. Church’s are closing down and Christians are losing heart. To me it seems as though Christians don’t know whether or not they really want to believe in Jesus Christ anymore. There is so much happening, whizzing by our heads every day that as humans, it seems that we are nearly drowning in a sea of confusion. What people tend to forget is the fact that God still sits high on his throne and sees everything and is ready at the drop of a dime to help us, all we have to do is ask. All we have to do is stay in contact with him and pray, read, study, ask, just like the word says liked the word says in Jeremiah 33 3. Children are disrespecting parents and parents are not raising their children properly and blaming it on the government and school systems. Parents are getting high with their children, parents are getting drunk with their children, parents are living lustful lives with their children and sometimes engaging with the children themselves. The devil is running rampid and he knows his time is short but do we know that time is short? Are we sure that we are saved? Or are we attempting to walk the walk and talk the talk not God’s way but in our own way? Preachers are dating the congregation male and female. That was not God’s intention. The spirits of intimidation, intrusion, embarrassment, lust, greed, envy, and hate, are taking over and yet Christians still seem to be weak in their power which I honestly do not understand. Either we believe that God lives in us or we don’t! You cannot walk the fence, we have to make up our minds. God lives in us. That is the word, that is his word. What is causing people to weaken is the fact that we are being led too much by television, social media, radio and gossip. we are being led by flesh instead of spirit and if you are living by the flesh your spirit will not reign. There are scriptures the tell us the Jesus and the disciples did Ministry so much that they were hungry and had to go into the towns to get food to eat. They had compassion on the people and ministered to the people and took care of the people even before they took care of themselves. But today we eat so much we can barely move. For years I’ve been a singer on stages all over Western Pennsylvania and before I sing I cannot eat. It’s always been that way. I have to depend on the God in Me to deliver people from depression and to give them Joy. The same goes for when I preach, I cannot eat before I get up on Sunday mornings on my Blog Talk Radio show called “Reverend Essie Scott”, to preach or any other day for that matter. We must push ourselves away from the chicken and potato salad, cornbread and greens and cause our flesh to wait until we wait upon the Lord and do his bidding. That is how we can please God and draw people to the Heavenly Kingdom. And amen.

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