Lost 17 pounds and still working on it…I feel great!

I just got on the scale after todays workout and lost another pound. Total = 17 pounds in one month. I’ve been walking around the track until I sweat horribly and it feels great. I am usually not a sweat kind of person but…I do now! I feel healthier. 
It’s all mental really. And yes, as much as some may not admit it…you WILL go through various changes but they are doable. Especially those on meds of some sort. Once you get it into your mind that you really want to do it, the rest comes easy. Now I see what athletes mean by “dedication to exercise”. Lex (my daughter) bought me a hat to keep the sweat out of my eyes and the sun off of my head (especially since I’m on medication,) and it took me back to my Marine Corps days. I’m ready to call cadence now when we walk.  Semper Fi! 



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