Good Saturday Morning! 30Aug13

Good Morning!
I feel great today and I pray that you all are feeling the same or better. I am resting from a day of shopping and the drive in with my daughter yesterday in which we had a ball. She bought me new things as incentives to my recent weight loss including new shoes and a pedometer. She’s proud of me and I have been feeling awesome since losing 16 pounds. I started this before with a friend but they didn’t have the same drive that Lex has. You know, it takes a special person to encourage you into doing right.  Everybody doesn’t have your good welfare in mind when they momentarily happen to ‘swing’ your way. And when they’ve finally had enough of you and ‘swing’ back out they’ll tell everything that they know about you and have you falling out with folks and carrying on. 🙂 Watch who you pair up with. Amos 3:3
God wants us to keep our physical body as fit as we can. It is the flesh and we go through so much already in the flesh, there is no sense in making it worse. Let’s get out there today and live and breathe! See what God has prepared for you to enjoy. Yes, a lot of us have ministries online but God doesn’t want you to hide behind the screen. He wants you to go out and tell others about the Love of Jesus who may not have a computer like you do. Amen?
God bless and have a wonderful day! Get out!!!!!!

P.S. Notice the picture that I sent with this email…..Labor Day weekend!!!!! Enjoy and eat some barbecue.



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