A Lion Angel and an iPad.

I know that recently I warned you all of people who abuse the use of the word or term “Angel” but there is something that I must share with you. If any of you interpret, feel free. My spirit will confirm it if it is a true interpretation. 

Last week or so, I had a strong dream segment. Should I call it a segment, I dont know. I was walking around some fairgrounds and stopped at a ‘platform’ of men who were just sitting there as though they were taking a class picture at school or something. I noticed a man on the top right who sat proudly with a beautiful smile and long, thick, dishwater blonde hair. His hair was more like a mange of a lion than a man. It was gorgeous and I got the feeling that he knew it because he swung it from his right shoulder, (on my left) to his left shoulder, (on my right.) He looked at me smiling. It was a pleasant smile. Something abut him was clean and kind. The next thing I know, he had jumped off of the platform and walked up to me and handed me a little black book and pointed to it and myself. I looked at it and it looked like an iPad. (Apple.) He walked away with some other men. In my dream I called him “The Lion Man” and woke up saying it.

I know that in the Gospels, Matthew is the lion, Mark is the Oxen, Luke is the Man, and John is the Eagle that was seen in Heaven as the 4-faced Beast in Revelation. But what also captures my attention is Revelation Chapter 10. John, the Eagle (which is part of my nickname even from when I had a daycare, “Eagle-eyed protection,”) was handed a little black book by the angel and told to eat it. He told the angel to give him the book of which the angel replied “Take it and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey.” John ate it, it became bitter and he was told to prophesy to many peoples, nations, tongues, and kings.

Verse 3 of Revelation 10 said that this angel cried with a loud voice as a lion roars. When he did, 7 thunders uttered their voices. He was about to write and was told to “Seal up those things that the 7 thunders uttered and write them not. I believe that God is about to reveal things to me that I will not be able to tell.

The paragraph of Revelation 10:9 is entitled,  “The Seer eats the book.” I have been shown things in the office of a Seer but just never claimed to be one specifically.  But now, I believe that God has assigned me as such. Ive also prophesied many times before and they’ve manifested and now, I believe that God has assigned me to do it more. So if you see me do it online, you’ll understand why. I have to. Its like fire shut up in my bones. After all, true prophecy IS Jesus. Revelation 19:10.

Also labeled in the side notes are “honey”, “obedience”, “Word”, “speak the word”, “Food”, and “Divine call.”

I say, “Yes Father, here am I.”

God is good.

Rev. Essie Scott