The Stampede (on 090821)

Today is Thursday, September 9, 2021 but last night on September 8, 2021 or early this morning of September 9, 2021 I had a dream. I had a dream that I was looking out of the screen door of my house as you can see in the picture that I drew. I am not a … Continue reading The Stampede (on 090821)


Pulpit preachers believing in killing babies?

Sometimes what is on a preachers mind will knock your socks off. Every preacher is NOT going by God's Word no matter how good they make it look, how priestly their robes are, how cute their clothes seem or how large their vocabulary is, or get matter HOW good they THINK that they are. … Continue reading Pulpit preachers believing in killing babies?

Dream: 11/12/19

Looking for dream interpreters out there!Last night I had dreams that were a bit disturbing. Men were in the streets of the town in which I once lived, and they were killing all of the people of that town. I saw people falling down at the sides of these 'enemies' and it was terrible. The … Continue reading Dream: 11/12/19