Kanye and the helicopter

I had a night vision last night of a hovering helicopter with 2 baskets on the end of 2 ropes. I don't know if they were rescuing someone or if they were 'listening' to someone with odd devices hanging from the vehicle. A group of men had just left the building that I was in … Continue reading Kanye and the helicopter


My comment to Marcus Rogers.

Esther R. Scott I agree with this video. I agree with you. I stay to myself and do my ministry online since I lost my church to 2 floods years ago but I am ordained and loving what I do for the Lord. I too, can't just hang around anyone. They try but something somehow … Continue reading My comment to Marcus Rogers.

God is pleased with me. Thank you Father.

I woke up this morning and the sky was reddish orange. I saw it through my bathroom window as I was washing. I am not in that country home yet that I've been asking God for-for years now but in this apartment that I now live in, I can see the sun in my bathroom … Continue reading God is pleased with me. Thank you Father.