Did some mulching today and boy did it feel good.

Feeling better since I lost weight. Went outside, helped my daughter mulch and rake up some leaves with our mulching lawnmower. We covered up our garden with tarp for next year, and I feel really good. Not winded, just ready! God is good! https://youtu.be/NGIOQLjcLfo

Canning basics, hot pack, cold pack.

Always wash and sanitize your jars, rings and lids before you begin. Sanitize by boiling in the canner for approximately 10 minutes and then remove with long tongs or jar removing utensil for canning. Place right side up on towel or paper towels. Check for chips, indentations, etc. FERMENTING: CANNING VEGGIES: Add to bottom of … Continue reading Canning basics, hot pack, cold pack.


Thanks Adam and Eve

Pics: My daughter's garden '22 I am in a couple of gardening groups on Facebook and Im beginning to notice that there are a lot of people who are having beetles and bugs eating their fruit and veggies before they have a chance to grow good. The thought came to my mind about Adam and … Continue reading Thanks Adam and Eve

Claiming this vivipary tomato as a sign of abundance & Prosperity

Interesting. I've had this tomato for about 2 weeks. It never got rotten but started to sprout within. Today one popped out. Maybe I'll have to sit it in dirt. I never saw anything like this before but I feel it could be a message for some of us to start "sprouting" from within. I'll … Continue reading Claiming this vivipary tomato as a sign of abundance & Prosperity

Good Sunday Morning! 08/15/21

This is the day that the Lord has made let's rejoice and tell somebody else about the goodness of Jesus Christ. Each day when we wake up whether the sun is shining or not you are alive and that is something to thank God for. God has given us all of the equipment that we … Continue reading Good Sunday Morning! 08/15/21

Kids don’t snap your fruit, the devil does.

For 2 years now I've been trying to grow Zucchini and someone keeps clipping the fruit. The blossoms grow huge and the leaves are gorgeous and all of a sudden one morning...they're cut. At first I thought this was the work of an animal of some kind but no animal would do this so perfectly … Continue reading Kids don’t snap your fruit, the devil does.