I want it all back satan, right now.

The devil used to a certain company to rob my bank account $16.99 four times more than what they were supposed to take. I want it all back Satan right now. The word of God says that you will give back sevenfold more than what you stole and I want it all now in Jesus … Continue reading I want it all back satan, right now.


How is your partner doing?

Hows your partner doing? Have you talked to them lately? Are you getting along? Who's the Alpha in your relationship? Are you still feeling lonely? And what about those anger and financial issues from time to time? Aren't they something? No matter your 'wedding' or 'meeting' date, you still have a wonderful relationship to work … Continue reading How is your partner doing?

Message to someone today

I had this picture on my desktop for a while and couldn't seem to put it in the trash bin. Obviously it's a message to someone out there. God is speaking to you and WILL answer your prayers. https://www.blogtalkradio.com/revessie/2020/08/02/micromanna-remember-the-ancient-paths