Fam time!

My handsome nephew Randy, his wife Tracy and their daughter (who wasn’t present) and my sister Paula came to visit me on Christmas and it was outstanding. God is doing a fantastic miraculous movement in my family of which I am very grateful.

Our father God in heaven, the creator of all things, the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords, is the repairer of the breach. He will make all things good.

Give your life to him and trust him and he will do you no harm. He will be your best friend. Just repent of your sins and accept him as your savior in Jesus name, amen.

Thank you Jesus I absolutely loved this Christmas

Cinnamon roll day!

Cinnamon roll day! Made them bigger and they came out so soft I almost cried over my own creation. Some icing or butter, brown sugar and maple syrup or, nuts next time. Oh Lord. My daughter loved them and so did I. You’re welcome. 

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