Pressure canned sketts today!

My daughter and my sketts today! Not bad. 15 pound weight for where we live and 10 minute steam, 8 minute process and all sealed. (Precooked sketts, and precooked ground meat, with al dente noodles.)

It was Hunts tomato paste from 6 small cans. Basil, touch of cinnamon, touch of cumin, onions, garlic, orange juice for sweetness and to thin out the paste, (can also use grape juice), Himalayan salt, black pepper and one can of my canned ground meat. We cooked that for about an hour+ on simmer. We did have to thin it back out though with more orange juice before canning it. It gave it a nice consistency. We were concerned about bubbles and tried to de-bubble the best we could but I believe that the noodles swelled and filled in whatever bubbles may have remained. Worked out great! No breakage.

5-25-23 update: Just opened one and I must say that it came out beautifully. Seems that we may be able to get about 3-4 bowls of spaghetti from one pint! Add about an eighth to a quarter cup of water to about 2 -3 forkfuls in a bowl, stir and microwave it. Excellent. I have to also tell you to use THIN spaghetti because it thickens perfectly in this recipe. Anything bigger may be not only be unattractive but mushy.


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