My dream of a “Smith Wigglesworth” angel.

Last night I had a dream that I was in a mall. I needed to call a cab to get home. There were many nice stores there. I went into a pizza shop and then a restaurant to use their phone to get their address for the taxi. They had no addresses. Two tall older gentleman walked by me as though they were checking out or walking somewhere uniformly in a line with others. The one looked like Smith Wigglesworth the well-known English healer from England. He touched my hand and handed me something and said something to me but I cannot remember what he said. He commended me somehow. He grabbed my right hand. He and his friend behind him were about 8 ft tall because I remember looking up at them very high. I walked up to the counter to get change for the taxi and for the phone. The man was going to hand me change but I pulled out my own change from my pocket that I did not know that I had. When I looked at it, it consisted of large ancient coins. I looked on the counter and all of a sudden I saw two beautiful necklaces. One was beautiful and sparkly and had square shaped diamonds much like the necklace that I have here in my home but prettier. It was very bright. I said “Are these mine? These are mine!” The man at the counter smiled as I grabbed them and stuffed them into my pockets.

It’s night time now 8:30 in the evening and for the life of me I wish I could remember what that angel said to me. I need to start trying to remember these messages and I’m getting in my sleep. As I get older my sleep gets more disturbed and it’s hard to remember messages like I used to in my youth. Pay attention to the messages that God may give you while you’re sleeping. I always tell people to keep a tablet near their bed. Right down your dreams and messages before life takes over and you forget them. Have a beautiful evening and thank you for reading.


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