As Phoebe Snow said “No regrets”

I am so glad that I didn’t turn out to be an entertainer like the world wanted me to be. They (Entertainers) spent their whole lifetime trying to please other people. And it is my personal experience that some will use you as much as they can and then spit you out like a piece of old gum. That was my problem for a lot of years until the Lord ‘delivered’ me of it. And I must give kudos to a lady named Mrs Chummy Davis of Houston Pennsylvania. She’s the first person who warned me not to do that. God bless her soul. I’m not saying that all entertainers are out to be people pleasers so-to-speak because some of them really enjoy what they do. What I’m saying is that some covet the limelight. I’m not trying to covet the limelight or be better than anybody I just want to be good for God. I want to focus on what I do for him and make sure that what I am doing is what he would have me to do.

I sang lead for a Country Rock Band which I actually named “Sundown.” And then years later became a lead singer for a Soul Band named “PUSH.” Didn’t name that one.

I know, laugh if you will but they really put up with me. I had no idea what I was doing, I just let my voice do it’s thing. A nice lady named Joyce Ellis (God rest her soul) from Washington, Pa. was a dance instructor and tried to get me to dance, but I wasn’t a dancer. Everybody who sings can’t dance or sometimes chooses not to. And yes, I sang male and female leads. My vocal range was great actually and still is!

I am now open for Jesus’s use. I perform for Jesus, preaching and singing. I do ask God to bless all of those who gave me a chance years ago though. They were pretty cool people.


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