Tired of battling with the VA! Please stop?

Esther R. Scott

A couple of years ago the Veterans Administration said that I owed them for some medicines that they allegedly sent me. I couldn’t figure out why but I paid them off. It took me about a year and a half. They continued to take money out of my checks on a monthly basis. On the last payment they sent me a letter and said that I was through. (And I have a copy of the letter.) Last year I got another letter from them (just a few months ago,) and it said that I still owed them $20. So I sent the $20. A few months later they said that I owed them a certain amount again, I believe $8 or something so I sent $8.02 to make sure that they were paid. Old folks always said it’s always good to overpay a little. This, now is beginning to look like a joke. Today in the mail I got this check from the VA, United States Treasury for two pennies. This is hard to believe.I have been playing this game with the VA for years now and I pray to God that this is the last I ever hear from them.They poisoned me with the dirty Camp Lejeune water but I don’t ‘qualify’ for financial help. They refuse to pay me but instead, take money off of me.The world is backwards y’all.Stay alert.

P.S. Let’s hope that they don’t ask for the two pennies back!


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