I am honored to have that canning knowledge of old. Will you join me?

One of my Canning Friends online gave me some old canning books from back in 1917/1918. The pictures that you are about to see are from a book by Ola Powell and edited by Benjamin R. Andrews PhD, Teachers College, Columbia University. It is entitled “Lippincott’s Home Manuals/Successful Canning and Preserving / Ola Powell.”

There are 450 pages to it and I enjoyed each page. People today are not concerned about “putting up” food for later use for their families and/or themselves but they should be. We should never be so used to restaurant chains feeding us and our future generations. You never know what they put in your food but when you can your own, you know what is in your stored food.

Here are some pictures from the book but may not necessarily be in direct order. Enjoy!

Here are a few of my canning projects.


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