My answer to Rabbi Schneider according to his new article.

Amen Rabbi Schneider. What kind of Father/Abba would Yahweh be if He turned His back on His own Children? Better still, how could anyone else of a different persuasion be able to trust Him? I am appalled at those who will not accept the fact that God chose Israel first and was kind and loving enough to add-in the rest of us as well. Even Jesus/Yeshua tells us to pray for the peace of Israel. There is no way to believe in Jesus and not love the people of His background. To reject or turn on Israel would be to reject or turn on Jesus/Yeshua. One cannot love Him and dislike His people/background. “A double-minded man is unstable in all of His ways.” Forgive me for saying this but as a black woman in this American experience, rejecting Jesus’s people would be like a white person telling me, (and they have) “Oh, but you are one of the good ones.” Soooo, is Jesus just “a good one?”


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