Guilt can drive you crazy.

Guilt hurts, simply put. Have you ever experienced when someone stays away from you until they think that you’ve talked about them or referred to them either online or in conversation somehow? They consider that as their “I know what you said about me” tactic. I know a few people like that and it’s weird, sad actually.

Them getting in touch with you seemingly “out of the blue” is what they call “letting you know that you’ve talked about them” when in all actuality you weren’t saying anything about them at all. They just think that one of your conversations or online communications were about them. It’s a shame really. Especially we preachers/ministers who are spiritually inclined. Notice I said, “spiritually inclined” which means, those of us who are anointed and appointed and not placed in a ministry to fill a spot or to tithe and give money in place of our title, yet disliked and not favored by our leadership. They are paranoid when they start because they know that they are not anointed to do the job and they are paranoid when it’s all through. We see it every day. Paranoia is running rampant.

Sometimes people think that they have Wisdom or Foreknowledge when all along they are actually being used by the devil. Be careful of those sweet nothings that you may hear whispered into your ear by satan himself. You’ll end up lonely and paranoid and possibly drunk and/or high, and that’s not good. Guilt can lead to paranoia. You may have noticed this about these people years ago but never said anything. You are not seeing or hearing things….they are literally paranoid and full of the devil. Pray for them.


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