Jealous people

Jealous people will think that you are showing off when you tell them how good God has been to you.

I remember when my daughter bought me my 1st Lincoln. I drove to a relatives house to show it to them and ask if they needed to go anywhere. I asked if they could hold hands with my daughter and I as we prayed. 1. They didn’t pray and 2. Their hands were shaking unusually bad as we prayed on my car. It was odd. It was as though they were ripping up in anger within.

When my daughter and I left, I said, “Did you feel so and so shaking?” She said. “Yea mom. They’re jealous.”

That really shocked and hurt me. 😞 That taught me that ery’body isn’t going to be happy for you. If they laugh when you cry and cry when you laugh, they are NOT your friend.


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