Believe it or not there’s jealousy in ministry.

One thing that I noticed about being a minister of the most high God is the fact that you have people who get a little jealous over your ministering. Some say that they are ministers as well or they can be qualified soon by their church leadership and so on and so on. When you become a minister everybody wants to all of a sudden be one or they have this invisible certificate that no one else knows about. And when some finally do become one they stop speaking! When you leave and years go by you don’t hear anything else from them and the conversation is dead and gone. I truly believe that most of the ministers of God that are reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. Do not fret and do not become discouraged because all it is is a tactic of the enemy of your soul trying to discourage you and to sway you from doing God’s work. I preached in a building once and there were approximately seven or eight people who claimed that they were ministers or about to be ministers. I had a hard time with a couple of them because they didn’t want to listen to me as I ministered on Sundays. They would either add to what I was saying or talk while I was preaching. They always tried to outtalk me. Beware of those people who have a correction spirit where they have to correct everything that you say and do or be better than you and go or further than you did. You make a point and they have to make a double point just to overdo your point. The people “ministers” who kept overtalking as I talked were the ones who claimed that they were ministers as well although when I spoke to their Pastor the pastor knew nothing about it. This is actually just a little heads up to my brothers and sisters to let you know do not be discouraged and keep doing what the Lord has called you to do regardless of whether or not people accept what you’re doing. The word says preach in season and out of season. There are many people who have a spirit of competition. Ignore it and continue to do the Lord’s work and God bless you.


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